Company Profile

JCE MicroComputer Design Ltd is a private company based in South London, UK, primarily active within the consulting and technical development areas of the electronics and industrial automation sectors.

Over a period of 10 years it has been operating on a contractual basis for the technical development and project management of diverse technologies ranging from image processing and remote control of PTZ sensors through to industrial automation and robotics in metal works and general heavy industry. Its operational exposure includes organisations based in the UK, South America and Africa.

Over the past two years, it has ventured towards the research and development of a machine automation kit. Having identified an extensive market requirement for technologies capable of automating manufacturing and production procedures and tools, the company has conducted an extensive analysis to measure this requirement and provide an adequate, commercial solution. The result of this two-year effort is the flagship product branded as MC-KIT™. MC-KIT™ is the ultimate retrofit tool for fully automating conventional, manually-operated lathes and machining equipment.