The Management Team
Pic of Sebastian Jenkins

Sebastian Jenkins - Managing Director (MD)

Sebastian Jenkins is a director of the JCE MicroComputer Design Ltd, the inventor of the MC-KIT™ and the founder and visionary for the JCE MicroComputer Design Ltd.

His drive and enthusiasm has maintained the necessary momentum for the company to develop from an idea to a commercially viable application over the past four years. He intends to continue to provide overall direction for the business going forward and to make ever-greater use of his extensive knowledge of the manufacturing sector as the business develops.

He is a former lathe operator with an extensive knowledge of electronics and embedded systems design and implementation. He has spent over 20 years within South America in various business roles before coming back to the UK to dedicate himself to the development of his innovative idea.

Pic of Lily Cummings

Lily Cummings - Director/Secretary, Human Resources & Accounts

Lily Cummings has provided valuable administration assistance to the company since its inception.

She is in charge of all the finance and accounts activities and has also provided guidance and focus. Ms Cummings has been and is still active in educational programmes and initiatives commissioned by the UK Government and maintains an active role within the voluntary sector. She has extensive exposure in the commercial and political world of the Carribean/South America.

Pic of Chris Farmakis

Chris Farmakis - Business Consultant

Chris has been appointed as a Business Consultant for JCE MicroComputer Design Ltd, following a two-year contract with the company to provide business solutions. His role is to secure new contracts and provide account management for the company.

Chris is a Director of Netsens Holdings Ltd, a Venture Capital and IP trading firm, a Fund Manager with Greater London Enterprise and a contractor with AirservicesUK Ltd, an aviation consulting firm. Chris has extensive experience in fund management for key infrastructure development and provided consulting services to several organizations such as Deloitte and Touche Outsourcing Italia, Eurocontrol, the European Commission and a number of UK Regional Development Agencies.

Pic of Konstantine Pappa

Konstantine Pappa - Technical Development Manager

Konstantine is bringing over 20 years of product development expertise acquired at several organizations in Europe.

He is in charge of designing, standardizing and producing integrated solutions for JCE MicroComputer Design Ltd. A chartered engineer Konstantine is a consultant with several blue-chip industrial conglomerates across Europe.