Strategic Partners

UnixFor SA

UnixFor SA

Unixfor is a company headquartered in Athens Greece with plants and offices throughout Europe. It provides products and services primarily to the banking sector with software development and the design and production of ATM systems. Unixfor has acquired several production facilities over the past 10 years and its product portfolio now includes news-stands, display boards, industrial systems and enterprise mainframes. It is an ISO 2000 company and it operates certified, state-of-the-art production facilities. Unixfor provides system integration for JCE MicroComputer Design Ltd.

SteelForm SA


Steelform specialises in metal-work and prototype design and production. Its efficient plant in Thessaloniki, Northern Greece, employs 30 professionals and provides design and production for several industries including Siemens and Bosch.

Steelform dedicates one of its manufacturing lines for the production of JCE’s parts and components.



Farnell is a world-leading supplier of electronic components, electronic parts and wholesale electronics including connectors, capacitors, semiconductors, resistors and a large variety of other specialized electronic hardware. The majority of electronic components used for MC-KIT are supplied by Farnell.



Digi-Key Corporation is an industry leader in the distribution of quality, electronic components and microprocessors. Headquartered in the USA it is the preferred supplier of microprocessors used within MC-KIT™

Garner Osborne

garner osborne

Garner Osborne has established a reputation second to none as the market leader in PCB manufacture. We offer a great deal of expertise, along with a vision of how printed circuit boards should be supplied in a forever changing market place. It is the preferred supplier of printed-circuit boards for MC-KIT™.