Improve Quality

MC-KIT™ is a fully digital system that allows calibration, inputting and operation through computerised control. Operators are simply required to key-in dimensions of the required object and the system operates the entire machine (lathe or milling machine) automatically. Being fully computerised and with the use of precision motor drivers and sensors the level of accuracy is to the level of microns unlike that of conventional machinery. This allows manufacturers to compete directly with large enterprises implementing excessively expensive machinery for the purpose of high quality production.

Increase Production

The use of advanced electronics within MC-KIT™ , cater for the implementation of digital memory units that can store precisely dimension and design information required by the operator. Once the required object characteristics have been implemented MC-KIT™ can repeat the full machining cycle automatically. Specific machining routines can be stored in the system permanently and be re-called upon requirements minimising set-up and response times. Operational setting time is therefore reduced to a click of a button enabling substantial productivity growth.

Expand Portfolio

Through computerised control and operation, MC-KIT™ provides a large set of distinct functions capable of performing complex procedures in metal cutting. It thus enables the introduction of metal processing options that could not be met by conventional, manually operated machines. Plants using MC-KIT™ can benefit from offering an extended set of services in material processing for prototype and production.

Reduce Energy and Waste footprint

MC-KIT™’s improved production procedures result in reduction of necessary operation time for production. Energy consumption is therefore minimised by up to 40% while waste from inaccurate set-up procedures and defective set-up is being completely eliminated.

Reduce Costs

The concept of MC-KIT™ is that productivity within conventional manufacturing plants can be significantly improved and optimised without the need of substituting conventional, existing machining equipment. After all, MC-KIT™ was designed to address requirements created by developing economies whereas the financial burden of obtaining integrated machining equipment if prohibitive. MC-KIT™ is available at a fraction of the costs associated with CNC machinery for example, whilst operation and maintenance costs are significantly reduced to those of operating conventional machining equipment as tools are becoming fully automated.

MC-KIT™ enables operation of machining equipment indirectly through a series of motor and sensor units. Machining operators are physically distant from the equipment hence the risks associated with production are eliminated. Organisations implementing the system can fully comply and align with Health and Safety regulation and optimise working conditions.