The MC-KIT™ aims to provide a low-cost automation tool to fit onto traditional manually-operated machine tools, such as lathes and milling machines, which are used in hundreds of thousands of small mechanical workshops and manufacturing businesses worldwide. These form a substantial part of the economy of many developing regions, and represent a large capital stock.

Such manual machinery is for many purposes outdated, but robustly built and capable of many more years of good service. The cost of replacement with new automatic machinery tends to be prohibitive, and often unnecessary, for small businesses.

What is needed is a modern computer system to replace the manual controls, thus achieving much higher efficiency and productivity for a modest, affordable capital outlay - enhancing the value of the existing machinery stock. At the same time, this will offer a way for traditionally trained operators to upgrade their skills to include modern technology.

The MC-KIT™ proposition for achieving this consists of a small purpose-designed computer and electronic units, sensors and electric motors, together with mechanical parts to fit these onto a wide variety of machine tools.