October 2008

JCE MicroComputer Design has successfully completed testing of its new software and functions updates upon its basic platform of the MC-KIT®. The new software is being installed and configured to the main product and is expected to be ready for commercial release during Q1 of 2009.

July 2008

JCE MicroComputer Design Ltd has entered discussions with the UK Trade and Investment to commercialise its flagship product MC-KIT® into developing economies. The company is now holding discussions on appointing distributors and agents and reviewing licensne agreements across Eastern Europe and the Far-East. The first agreement are expected to come into effect within Q3 of 2009.

April 2008

Its official; the MC-KIT™ is being completed. Following 2 years of intense research and development that saw the company evolving from a small design office into a substantial production and trading business built on strong skills and partnerships, JCE MicroComputer Design Ltd is now ready to launch its new product into the global market.

The new product is CE, HoRS and ISO certified and its debut will be initiated during quarter 3 of 2008.

January 2008

MC-KIT™ has been completed in terms of electronics and software development, whilst the final product blueprints have been completed and certified. The product has achieved ISO and CE certification and the final process of the market-ready product is now under way.

The new designs encompass a pedestal-like housing that will be the main integrated platform for the system. Prototype production has been contracted and the model is expected to be completed by March 2008.

October 2007

JCE MicroComputer Design Ltd is being selected for a London Development Agency Innovation Awards. The ceremony for the awards took place on Thursday 20 September 2007, at Globe Theatre, London. Twenty nominee companies have presented their products and services during the event, which was followed by a Gala Dinner.

Sebastian Jenkins, has completed his investigative business tour in S. America where he identified strong interest from local manufacturers in urgent need to update and automate their production facilities. The company is committed in providing guidance and its product to developing economies at affordable rates in an effort to maximise its positive contribution to local economies. Mr Jenkins committed to hold discussions with several machine/machine automation businesses in Brasil and has scheduled meetings for July 2008.

October 2006

JCE MicroComputer Design Ltd is pleased to announce that its application for a Research and Development Grant from the London Development Agency has been approved. The grant is aimed to provide financial assistance to SMEs in order to develop market-ready products. The company can now fully commit its resources for the development of MC-KIT™.